About Us

Founded in 2001, e-GoodManners has thousands of dealerships around the world using our system, making us a market leader in software solutions for the automotive industry. e-GM is the Automotive Lead Management System that helps your team do simple things, extraordinarily well.

e-GM platform-driven approach is focused on providing innovative solutions for the automotive industry. Our system ensures that all potential customers are followed up effectively, increasing test drives and the actions that have been proven to increase sales.

Our focus on practices which underpin the sales process and a user-friendly design makes e-GM the best tool to capture your showroom, telephone and internet traffic. e-GM supports Salespeople on the road to a sale.

e-GM gives Sales Managers the tools to run the dealership more effectively with easy to access reports targeting the performance and activity of your sales team.

At Group or Manufacturer level, e-GM gives you the edge with its reporting capabilities and sales driven focus helping to track trends and stay ahead of the competition.
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